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Battlefield-of-the-MindNever mind the ridiculously heavy subject matter in the documentary of the same name for the moment, it’s the heavy music of Battlefield Of The Mind that has a “mind” of its’ own and sets this apart from other film companion pieces. Spearheaded by Staind’s Mike Mushok, the soundtrack features collaborations from Mushok, Dave Ellefson, Pete Murray, Troy McLawhorn, and a plethora of hard rock’s elite.

Eye Empire begins with the fitting “War Isn’t Over Yet” pummeling your senses into submission while elsewhere relative newcomers Viasava add some Sevendust/Dark New Day-flavored soulful hard rock and When Earth Awakes provide some exceptional thrash by way of metalcore with “Awakening”.

However, if you’re a fan of Ultraspank, Lo Pro, Life On Planet 9 or just vocalist Pete Murray then BOTM is like heaven. There’s some previously released material from LOP9 along with Murray fronting an all-star cast of musicians including Ellefson and Mushok on some all original music penned by Mushok specifically for the film (“Tear It Down”, “No Words”). If that wasn’t enough to satisfy your Pete Murray needs, there’s the brand “spank”-in’ new track from Lo Pro which will also be featured on the bands upcoming third full length, Disintegration Effect, due on May 14th. If this is any indication of the new album, it seems that the Ultraspank aggression and tribalism is back with a vengeance yet still retaining the melodic sensibilities that sets Lo Pro apart from their contemporaries.

The documentary and companion soundtrack for Battlefield of the Mind are both available now. Go here to find out more about the movie and where you can get yourself a physical copy of the album.

Grade: B+


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