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homepage_large.c2d02aa5Man, I really wanna like this. I do. I mean, I should like this. Right? Members of Isis and deftones’ own voicebox Chino Moreno in a band together called Palms? It should (in theory, anyway) blow the roof off of shoegaze metal everywhere. The descendents of Neurosis paired with the singer of the undisputed kings of nu-metal (Because they survived and evolved unlike their peers) on paper looks fantastic. The execution, however, is bland.

“Patagonia”, the first official release from Palms’ upcoming full-length, sounds exactly like Moreno fronting Isis which is not bad it’s just that there’s something missing. Is it Aaron Turner’s ferocious vocals? Or Stephen Carpenter’s riffs? All I know for sure from “Patagonia” is that I just want something more. First singles are never the be all/end all so I’ll reserve final judgement for the album.

Palms debut will be out through Ipecac on June 25th.

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