486073_10151449250354299_680772885_nIs it possible to do a 200-250 word post on a 45 second or so snippet of an album or song? We’re about to find out as this week Metal Monday says some stuff about the teaser that local faves Jack Burton Vs David Lo Pan recently posted from their upcoming full length entitled Exhibit C: An American Tragedy.

I’ve been championing Jack Burton Vs David Lo Pan in these pages because I’m not only lucky enough to know the guys but because the music they make is pretty incredible and quite frankly, they deserve the attention. Fresh off an impressive performance at the annual Rock N’ Roll Rumble, JBvDL has continued the momentum by putting the finishing touches on their eagerly anticipated next opus Exhibit C: An American Tragedy and releasing a teaser on Soundcloud (Listen below).

I’ve also had the privilege of hearing the rough mixes of what has become Exhibit C: An American Tragedy¬†so I kinda know what I’m hearing. I was impressed with the rough mix but the seconds I’ve heard of final versions of songs I was already familiar with are blowing those earlier versions out of the water and that’s saying a lot! Those of you who thought you had the band pegged because you listened to Exhibit B and Exhibit A are in for a pleasant surprise. Every member has stepped up their game here. Vocalist Erik Scott, especially, has increased his range tenfold while guitarist Joey Campbell shreds with even more intensity. Then there’s drummer Johnny Jimenez Jr. and bassist Matt Cameron who separately are behemoths at their respective instruments but together are a rhythm section you should never underestimate.

Stay up-to-date on all the latest JBvDL happenings, including where to see them live (And you need to see them live!) and updates on An American Tragedy, through their Facebook and Twitter pages. If you haven’t been exposed yet and you’re liking what you’re hearing then go over here to get some tunes and give the band some money at the same time.


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