It may not be November (the time of year when many men let their facial hair grow in order to raise money for men’s health issues,) but there’s never a bad time for a mustache.

The lip warmer has undergone many permutations over the years, but it’s commonly known as the sign of a swarthy, masculine dude. Of course, all of us at Popblerd sport fantastic ‘staches. Even the girls. They’re still pretty, though.

For our latest list, we joined forces with‘s Bill Bodkin (mustache) and A Sides Music‘s Jon Chattman (no mustache, but co-authored a book entitled Sweet ‘stache) to come up with pop culture’s 20 greatest mustaches. This list includes musicians, sure. But it also includes wrestlers, actors, baseball players, scientists and even a president.

Did we miss a mustache? Leave us a comment and ream us out for it.

20) Don Frye (athlete/actor)

This man’s thick ‘stache is the real Predator-it could probably take out Ice Cube, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chris Hansen.


19) Billy Dee Williams (actor)

Lando Calrissian gets the ladies on Earth and in space hot and bothered with his lip fuzz.

Billy Dee

18) Albert Einstein (scientist)

The “M” in E=MC2 really stood for “mustache.”


17) Catfish Hunter (baseball player)

Before there was MTV’s Catfish, there was this flamethrowing Catfish, who enjoyed his greatest success accumulating Ks for the As (and the Yankees, of course.)

16) Wilford Brimley (actor/pitchman)

Don’t worry, Wilford’s mustache won’t give you the diabeetus.


15) Rick Rude (wrestler)

“The Sexiest Man Alive” may no longer be with us, but that facial hair was the most ravishing of its day.


14) Geraldo Rivera (television personality)

Not even flying furniture on the set of his talk show could contain the sweet ‘stache on Jerry Rivers.


13) Sam Elliott (actor)

The veteran character actor is no “stranger” to awesome facial hair.


12) Frank Zappa (musician)

You’d figure the guy who named his kids Dweezil, Ahmet and Moon Unit would rock some pretty freaky follicular action on his face. Good thing that the weasels left his ‘stache alone.


11) Salvador Dali (artist)

This mustache is a piece of art in and of itself!


10) John Waters (filmmaker)

The thinnest of pencil-thin mustaches belongs to this creepy but lovable creator of “Hairspray” and “Pink Flamingos.”


9) Freddie Mercury (rock God)

Ready, Freddie? His ’80s mustache personified rock cool. It was the champion, my friends.


8) Theodore Roosevelt (president)

The youngest president in history (surprised?) also had the most awesome facial hair of any leader of the free world, before or since.


7) Lemmy (metal master)

…and his mustache is only the second most interesting thing on his face!


6) Charlie Chaplin (actor/filmmaker)

The Tramp (and his mustache) emigrated to America from the UK, and revolutionized the film industry.


5) Hulk Hogan (wrestler/pop culture mainstay)

A fixture in pro wrestling for three decades, the bristly ‘stache has never left Terry Bollea’s face.


4) Rollie Fingers (baseball player)

A superstar reliever with the As and the Brewers, Rollie is still rocking the twirly ‘stache today.


3) John Oates (pop icon)

Daryl Hall may have the mellifluously soulful pipes, but Oates is the dude that actually had a cartoon developed around his facial hair. Take that, blondie!


2) Burt Reynolds (actor)

Judging from this pic, Burt had mustaches on every inch of his body. Manscaping to the rescue, stat!!


of course, our number one mustache has to be…

1) Tom Selleck

Remember how freaked out everyone was in the ’90s when he started shaving his signature ‘stache? It was almost like a superpower!!


Did we get all the famous mustaches in history? Drop us a line and let us know!


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