To say that Zach Braff has provided some of the most meaningful entertainment of my life is no understatement.

“Garden State” was a movie that spoke to me as someone in their mid twenties trying to figure things out, and “Scrubs” (until the fantastically horrid 2.0 last season) might qualify as my favorite sitcom of all time.

Since “Scrubs” went off the air a couple of years ago, Zach has been busy on the small screen, the big screen (he was one of the few redeeming factors in Oz the Great & Powerful) and on the Broadway stage.

He has also written a new screenplay. No, it’s not “Garden State 2,” but it appears to be a similarly inspired movie, just at the next stage of life.

Not wanting to go the Hollywood financing route, Zach has decided to go the route that many of his indie musician fans (several of whom have been featured on “Scrubs”) have gone, and he has put together a Kickstarter campaign to assist in financing the movie, with no alterations to his screenplay, and no potentially idiotic casting adjustments to increase its bankability in La La Land.

Check out the video Zach made to promote the Kickstarter effort. Not only will you laugh yourself silly, but you’ll also see some very familiar faces.


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