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coverBeing a heavy music fan, I had definitely heard the rumblings of praise in regards to then known as Ghost, now known as Ghost BC. Somehow, a promo of their first album remained ignored until I eventually found myself being drawn in after the Decibel cover feature this year and the subsequent unveiling of “Year Zero” in advance of the release of Infestissumam, their sophomore release. That said, I’m not sure if listening to and liking Ghost BC makes me a Satanist but if it does, I am on my way to the dark side with a great fucking soundtrack. While the band is a cautionary tale of the old “Don’t judge a book by its’ cover…” adage, they are still  a paradox and a half. They look evil but don’t sound evil but what they’re singing about is definitely evil. Whether it’s real or not has yet to be determined.

But on to Infestissumam where the best band to come out of Sweden since Abba (Going so far as to cover “I’m A Marionette” on the deluxe version) merge Satan and Blue Oyster Cult to make the most accessible music that’s likely to get banned in most States this year. It’s ghoulish in all the right ways with songs like “Body And Blood” and the guitar and organ driven “Idolatrine” ramping up the spook factor.

It’s the truly sinister songs that really pierce listeners eardrums, though, because they’re also the most inviting delivering diabolical messages that seem so sweet thanks to Papa Emeritus II’s smooth delivery. Take a song like the ominous “Year Zero” with its The Omen-like chants but having such a huge chorus that entices listeners to sing a long and bang their heads in unison. Let’s not forget about “Ghuleh/Zombie Queen” or “Depth Of Satan’s Eyes” either, the latter of which is a straight rocker and easily single material while the former at seven minutes is this grandiose piano-led symphony that devolves as soon as Papa utters the opening line: “Putrefaction/A scent that cursed be/Under cold dark dust”.

While not for everyone, Ghost BC still deliver absolutely chilling yet fascinating music from the underworld and Infestissumam is an album worth checking out. Buy a copy here and convert.

Grade: A



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