A pretty big list of new releases this week, just after you’ve spent all your money on Record Store Day!

Does that make sense? Mmmm…not exactly. Nevertheless, crack open that piggy bank if any of these releases strike your fancy.

French dance-rock Phoenix finally broke through to the mainstream a few years back with Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Thanks to the hits “1901” and “Lisztomania, ” the veteran band earned a Gold album and a Grammy Award. After taking some time to soak that in, Phoenix has…risen? Their new album is called Bankrupt, apparently the sound board it was recorded on is the same as the one used to record Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and..yay! Springtime dance party for everyone!

Did you miss last week’s Metal Monday column? Rob Zombie sure didn’t. After all, he posted our review of his latest, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, on his Facebook page. The legendary elctro-rocker’s first album in three years got high marks from us. If you’re a fan, we think you’ll be plenty satisfied.

Michael Buble is one of the best selling artists of the past few years. Following in the footsteps of crooners like Harry Connick Jr., Buble’s charm and good looks appeal to a large swath of housewives and grandparents-the same folks who bought Rod Stewart’s Great American Songbook records.) His latest album, To Be Loved, is another collection of renditions of classic tunes, with guest appearances from Buble’s Canuck homie stromie Bryan Adams, as well as recent arrestee Reese Witherspoon. Now, even people who exclusively buy records will know who she is, I guess.

Snoop Dogg? Snoop Lion? What exactly is he calling himself these days? I’m not sure, but if you’ve ever wanted to hear the man born Cordozar Broadus record a reggae album, you’re in luck. Snoop’s Reincarnated hits stores today. Recorded in Jamaica and produced by Diplo of Major Lazer, this certainly qualifies as Snoop’s most interesting release in over a decade. Drake, Busta Rhymes, a series of reggae musicians, Snoop’s own daughter Cori and Miley Cyrus (!) are on board for the ride.

As we wait for the inevitable Black Eyed Peas reunion, will.i.am has been producing a series of songs for other artists in addition to working on a new album. This album is called #willpower, and I hope no one buys it. Seriously. I fucking hate will.i.am. Not because he’s talented. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. He’s quite talented, but sold himself (and hip-hop) down the river by making inane dance-pop music. He went the easy route, and enjoyed a great deal of success, but sold his art out in the process. That’s not a compromise I’m particularly comfortable with. The guests on #willpower include Britney Spears and Justin Bieber. A far cry from the early days of Black Eyed Peas, huh?

Our final key new release of the week comes courtesy of Season 3 American Idol winner Fantasia. Without any major pop attention, ‘Tasia has been one of the more consistently successful Idol alumni. Three albums that have gone at least Gold, she also won a Grammy a couple of years ago for “Bittersweet.” Today marks the release of her fourth album, Side Effects of You. It appears as though Miss Barrino has undergone a bit of an image makeover recently, appearing a bit more demure and less…shall we say…hood chick? Regardless of imagery, though, that voice has always been money, and we welcome her back with open arms.

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