Spin Cycle

svmthe best thing you’ve never heard. is the best thing you’re likely to discover in 2013. I’m not sure if this UK 3-piece meant for their name to be an ode to Kyuss’ masterpiece third record but it certainly doesn’t hurt and the comparisons don’t end with the name thankfully. Fuzzed out and soaked in Blues For The Red Sun goodness, “The Day Of The Lion” rages out of the gate and sets the tone for the 5-song EP instantly but it’s that voice that sets Sky Valley Mistress apart from the rest. “The voice” of which I speak is Kayley “Hell Kitten” Davies whose blues-soaked goddess of a delivery of each and every line she utters is absolutely stunning. If you’re familiar with The Duke Spirit, Liela Moss immediately comes to mind when listening to Davies.

Elsewhere on the best thing…. “Fly” ups the boogie quotient yet sounds like something that could’ve been on Wretch or a later Unida release as the dual aural assault of Squire and Maxwell Harvey William Newsome III is truly felt. Things slow down when “My Time Has Come” begins but picks up the pace and is carried to an epic conclusion around the halfway mark of this almost seven minute track by Davies swagger and presence. Rounding out the EP is the delicate “Baby Ruthless” and the ’70’s Sabbath ode “Dirty Blonde Blues”.

Another band to watch out for in 2013 and another band where you can grab their stuff for free, Sky Valley Mistress is destined for greatness. Just wait.

Grade: A


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