This past weekend I spent my whole afternoon watching reruns of this show called “Undercover Boss”. This was my second time seeing the sitcom as I shunned it the first time for thinking the executives are just playing for the cameras. Not that I didn’t still think so, I decided to give it another shot and I got hooked. More so, I b!tched up. Yeah, I got teary eyed. (Read Songs in the Key of Life: 18 – who says a man isn’t supposed to cry). Let me explain.

From an employee’s perspective, I could relate to the positions and the feelings these people internalized. Even if your manager/ceo has been at your level before, no one understands your individual position on career. We are not made the same. We don’t think the same. We don’t dream the same. I am not you. You are not me.

Some people wants jobs where they are; others want careers. Nonetheless when you work for someone, you seek to get paid; whether it’s to get a check, to gain some knowledge, and/or some level of respect. I demand all three.

I watched each of these episodes and thought someone actually feels my pain. The executives are edited to seem like they actually give a f#ck and I hope they did. At the same time I kept thinking that my company would never participate in something like this and if they did, would it just be for show? They promote the open door policy but I have some stories about what happens when that door closes after you’ve left that office. I won’t get into that but I’ve witnessed some s#!t.

Another article about work? Yep! I told you about Morgan, right? (Songs in the Key of Life: 32). This brings me back to when I got my yearly review; nothing but praises. But of course no one can have a perfect review. There has to be a few jabs in there. Now I’m not one who gets offended by constructive criticism. As a matter of fact I welcome it as long as it is true. I am completely open minded to opinions. In retrospect someone may tell you something about yourself that you never realized. So when I hear something unfamiliar to me I try to digest it and break it down so that I understand where it applies to me. With that said I’d like to share with you a comment that was made.

I was told that sometimes when tasked with something I have no sense of urgency. As a take away, I explored that comment and really thought about it. I agree to eventually disagree. The comment is justified. I just don’t see any burning buildings. I guess things that are said presently should be put on top of the stack of things that I am already working through? Sometimes. Most times I don’t think so. When I’m tasked with “curiosity” assignments, I see no urgency in them. Those are what I get chastised for. To me they hold no weight against my other assignments with mandatory deadlines; just my opinion. I guess I’m wrong but that’s all you got?

After watching the last episode of the show, I decided it is time to get the hell out of dodge. I realized I don’t really like my job. I did say before that I am grateful that I have one but my misery does not like my company. In addition to not being so fond of my current position, I don’t appreciate the powers that be who make the experience more difficult. On top of that, I am a creative person and in this position, I am not able to use my abilities to make this opportunity more enjoyable. That’s three strikes. I’m out!

Wait…after I find another gig though…lol. I’m upset but Mama ain’t raise no fool!

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