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Following an extensive tour in support of his excellent 2011 LP How Do You Do, Mayer Hawthorne has just unleashed his latest single. Similar to the stylistic leap between his first two albums, “Designer Drug” shows Hawthorne staying within his idiom of blue eyed soul, yet inching into new territory. It’s a solid strategy for maintaining your fanbase while not becoming artistically stagnant.

This time around, Hawthorne has taken a left onto the dancefloor, serving up an irresistibly catchy tune propelled by light synth runs, a four-on-the-floor beat, and Hawthorne’s smooth falsetto. “Designer Drug” is presumably from Mayer Hawthorne’s forthcoming third LP. If the track is a barometer for the album, we’re in for a sexy serving of funky soul.

DISCLAIMER: Side effects may include: oozing sexiness, foot tappin’, booty slappin’, rump shakin’, two-steppin’, champagne poppin’, finger snappin’, dancefloor seduction, movin’, groovin’, doin’, dizzy spells, and light headedness. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention. “Designer Drug” isn’t for everyone, just the sexy people. If you are thinking about grooving to “Designer Drug,” consult your physician before ingesting.

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