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2773626150-1Do you still not have Gozu’s The Fury Of A Patient Man? Oh, you do? Good, then the video for “Bald Bull” will just let you appreciate the band more (For all you others out there, there is no excuse for not boarding the Gozu train anymore!!!!!).

The lead track off The Fury…. is already a barn burner but you add some visuals to an already scorching track and you’re playing with fire for reals (Like all the heat references there?). In “Bald Bull”, we see the dapper men of Gozu (Seriously, the guys are looking pretty dapper here) provide the soundtrack to a sinister scenario involving a lady in white, a man resembling Rick Rubin who may or not be the devil, and a black ham. Bad stuff ensues.

The Fury Of A Patient Man is out now. Get yours here. It’s easy! Takes like 2 minutes. Barely! You can watch the video of “Bald Bull” while you download the album in another browser. It’s really that simple. You can thank us later.



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