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3852589563-1Bears! Bears! Bears! “I Guess We’re Both Lonely” is just over three minutes of goth-soaked bliss that’s equal parts Interpol and She Wants Revenge. I have no idea where this band came from but I thank my lucky stars that the Popblerd Gods dropped this single onto my desk. Hailing from the Bay Area, Bears! Bears! Bears! take a fresh swing at a sound that’s been done once or twice before. In this trio’s case, though, they manage to tighten the spots those other bands may have faltered on making “I Guess We’re Both Lonely” something remarkable. Tack on the hypnotic refrain of “I take it you’re going to run away now” at the end, and you’ll find yourself hooked. Don’t believe me? Just press play below.



“I Guess We’re Both Lonely” is available now off Bears Bears! Bears! full-length All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go. Buy yours here.


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