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IAMX_Album cover 120x120mm_high-resThe next evolution of trip hop comes in the form of IAMX which is fitting seeing that mastermind Chris Corner ushered in a similar trend when his former outfit, Sneaker Pimps, paved a new electronic revolution after a void was left by Portishead and Massive Attack. On their most recent Pledgemusic-funded The Unified Field, IAMX expand their range even more to give listeners the feeling that if Dead Can Dance began in 2013, they’d probably sound similar to IAMX.

But I digress.

Show of hands: Who doesn’t want a sexy German voice talking at you first thing in the morning or at the end of the day or ….whenever? “I Come With Knives” has your fix and is a gateway drug into the world of The Unified Field. Showcasing the sleek Jim Abbiss production (Nevermind Adele and Arctic Monkeys, this guy produced the debut from The Music!), “I Come With Knives” is equal parts gorgeous, grandiose, and ethereal. From there, IAMX treads Siouxsie territory on the gothic “Sorrow” showcasing a more symphonic-electro sound. The title track is up next and thumps like nothing else on the record. If any one song on this record stood up and screamed “Play me on repeat!!!!”, it would definitely be “The Unified Field”.

Keeping listeners on their toes, “The Adrenalin Room” embraces the low end with a stand out bass line that sounds as if it could’ve come from Sunna’s One Minute Science (Remember that one?) while “Under Atomic Skies” has single written over it with its layered synths, tender acoustic pluckings and Corner’s otherworldly essence permeating throughout. Later still, “Animal Impulses” brings to mind a less dramatic Antony & The Johnsons (Which is a good thing. Believe me!) while the electro pop of “Walk With The Noise” makes the song an instant favorite and a surefire club favorite.

The Unified Field is out now through 61seconds. Find your very own copy here.

Grade: A



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