MotherloverThis wasn’t necessarily Justin Timberlake week on Popblerd!, but it kind of feels that way. So far, we’ve reviewed his new album, previewed his new video, and will now remember some of his memorable TV moments.

That’s The Way Love Goes

Five years before Justin ripped off the whatever-the-hell Janet Jackson was wearing and revealed her goodies to the world, he was one of the artists that paid her tribute on her MTV Icon special. The arguable highlight of the special was ‘Nsync’s version of Janet’s smash “That’s the Way Love Goes.” For their performance, they even recreated the video set. The group’s butter-smooth rendition gave the ‘Syncers a new level of respect and set the stage for a relationship between Justin and Janet that was professional and (if the rumors are correct) personal as well. (Big Money)

The Wayne Brady Show

Before Justin had ever done a sketch on Saturday Night Live, he made this little appearance on The Wayne Brady Show back in 2001 (oh, did you forget Wayne Brady had his own show? Don’t worry, most of us have). Lopsided Oreo (the name of Wayne, Justin and guest star, Brian McKnight’s “group”) improvises a serenade to a fan in the audience, and it winds up being pretty hilarious. Wayne clearly steals the show with an impromptu rap at the end, and Brian’s vocals arguably blow Justin’s away, but Justin still holds his own for a line or two (the line, “I don’t even care if you look like something from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” was funny, but it’s made even funnier when Justin and Brian go into a chorus of “oompa loompa”). Though Justin clearly has a ways to go before he hones his live comedy skills, he should at least be recognized for his flawless beat-boxing. (Brittany)


I kind of wish we could film our own stuff. I feel like a post about Justin Timberlake TV moments would go as follows:

Narrator: And then, there was Nipplegate.
[Play clip from actual Nipplegate.]
Narrator: And after Nipplegate, there was the public perception of Nipplegate.
[We cut to a dramatic movie scene as “dramatic reenactment” blinks across the bottom of the frame. A giant titty stomps through Manhattan, knocking over buildings, squashing innocent bystanders, flipping cars over. FCC helicopters frantically shoot at it to no avail.] (Drew)

Weekend Update

Not to say that I thought Justin Timberlake didn’t have talent. But, this was the first time he awed me. And still, to this day, I think it’s his single best performance I’ve ever seen in music, film, or on TV. I also think TV, or simply live performing/improv is his lane. (GG)

Justin Timberlake Impersonates John Mayer

Justin Timberlake doing a John Mayer Impression… by johnkeils

One guy who isn’t very self aware impersonates another guy who isn’t very self aware. But it’s still funny. (GG)

Dick In A Box

Justin Timberlake’s maiden voyage hosting “Saturday Night Live” was a smooth one, but the quality was ramped up as soon as he appeared with a fake goatee and Andy Samberg at his side, to give his special lady a “Dick in a Box.”

The song (which won JT the first of his two Emmys) went on to become an internet sensation and something of a hit single, as well. Not bad for something that was conceived and composed in 24 hours.

While certainly a holiday song for the modern age, Timberlake and Samberg’s jingle too the piss out of ’90s R&B, with the guys doing their best Color Me Badd impression. It’s gone on to become the best known of any of JT’s sketches, and for good reason. Who could forget a dick in a box? (Big Money)


It seems impossible to try and top the hilarity that was “Dick in a Box”, but Justin and Andy Samberg certainly do try with their 2009 follow-up song, “Motherlover”. The duet originally aired on SNL during Mother’s Day weekend that year, and I remember watching it with my own mother – both of us laughing hysterically. Justin and Andy are back again as the cheesy 80’s R&B team, this time singing about how the best gift they can give each other’s moms for Mother’s Day is sweet, sweet lovin’. While it doesn’t top “Dick in a Box”, I dare you to watch them deliver lines like, “This is the perfect plan for a perfect Mother’s Day. They’ll have to rename this one, ‘All-Up-Under-The-Covers-Day'” without laughing. (Brittany)

History Of Rap IV

Gold. (Jay)

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