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See, I like Drake. But this hardcore shit just isn’t believable. It’s not like we don’t all know that you played a paraplegic on a Canadian TV show, dude. How hard can you be with that on your resume?

So anytime Drake talks tough, it just sounds fake. Take, for example, the recently released “5 AM in Toronto.” If you’re to believe what the wags have to say, this is Drizzy’s version of “Takeover,” with verbal shots fired at Chris Brown, The Weeknd, Common and others. As much as I’m impressed by his wordplay, he still comes across as the kinda dude that only talks tough because he has an army of legitimately hard dudes on the payroll behind him.

It also sounds like he’s a little on his own dick-not atypical for a rapper. Still, it comes across as kinda corny. Like, would this dude have popped if it wasn’t for the a) Lil Wayne cosign and b) Kanye West’s blueprint? He’s not the nicest emcee out there (although he’s probably more talented than people give him credit for) and he’s not particularly original, so he doesn’t have a lot of legs to stand on when it comes to the chest-beating.

In the end, “Toronto” comes off as a case of “trying a little too hard,” which puts him in more or less the same league as the targets of his ire.

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