$(KGrHqZ,!kwE7!O)+oBuBO3SUeIUqg~~60_35Oh my glob! When will you people start paying attention to the gloriousness that is vocalist Todd Smith and his cohort in crime Jasan Stepp?!? Knives Out! Dog Fashion Disco! Polkadot Cadaver! Jesus, people, they’re giving you oodles and oodles of metally goodness and you’re not paying attention! Anywho, Polkadot Cadaver is back with  a new album entitled Last Call In Jonestown and a new single/video of the same name. “Last Call In Jonestown” off the upcoming LP of the same name is Slayer meets Faith No More fronted by Danny Elfman. Simple, right? It’s heavy. It’s awesome. It’s rifftastical. Smith is on fire. Stepp shreds like a madman. “Last Call…” is  just another slab of brilliance that sets Polkadot Cadaver apart from the riff raff and makes this band so utterly unique. If you didn’t know Polkadot Cadaver before, now is the time to start paying attention.


Last Call In Jonestown will be unleashed on the unsuspecting masses on May 14th through Razor To Wrist Records. Watch the video for the title track below.



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