Even though Phil Collins doesn’t receive the same level of hate as, say, Michael Bolton, he’s still someone that seems to get a lot of unreasonable hate. Even if his music sucked, which it doesn’t, his unassuming and friendly nature would be enough to forgive it. And plus–his music doesn’t suck! Well, it doesn’t always suck. While Phil has been stuck on autopilot for virtually two decades and might be best known for his treacly ballads and/or Disney themes, the fact of the matter is that there’s a solid decade and a half of work that at least kinda makes up for the “Brother Bear” soundtrack.

Here are five reasons why Phil Collins is secretly (or not so secretly, if you’re me) awesome.

1) Dude can sing his ASS off!

Remember about a year ago when Whitney passed away and everyone passed around an unadorned vocal take of “How Will I Know” and everyone kinda agreed that it was fantastic? This isolated vocal track from Genesis’ “Turn it on Again” is just as awesome, and let’s remember that Phil also played drums on this song. Dude is just shredding his throat, and it’s not like he laid back on every other song he recorded. He keeps up with some serious Eric Clapton wailing on “I Wish it Would Rain Down,” and also flexes his vocal muscle on songs like “I Don’t Care Anymore” and “No Son of Mine.”

2) He has a sense of humor!

Phil and Genesis made some of the most innovative videos of the ’80s, and the best ones were funny in addition to being groundbreaking. “Don’t Lose My Number?” Hilarious. “I Can’t Dance?” Cracked me up. “Illegal Alien?” Totally politically incorrect (a video like this would never be on MTV today) but still pretty damn funny. Even his appearances on “Miami Vice” (as a douchebag named Phil The Shill) were good. Granted, this could all be mitigated by “Buster,” but I’ve so far avoided seeing that movie.

3) Phil was a much better producer than you give him credit for!

“Strip” was one of the only worthwhile things to be released under Adam Ant’s name. Frida’s “I Know There’s Something Going On” is probably the only worthwhile thing to be released by a member of ABBA following that band’s split. We can’t forget about Howard Jones’ “No One is to Blame,” can we?

If you’re still not convinced, I have two words for you. Easy. Lover.

4) Phil had soul

Of course, there’s the aforementioned “Easy Lover.” Let’s also not forget that “Sussudio” hit the Top Ten on what was then called the “Black Singles Chart” on Billboard. His most recent album, Going Back, was a series of covers of the Motown songs that inspired him, not to mention the fact that his first top 10 hit was a cover of The Supremes’ “You Can’t Hurry Love.” Phil has even tipped his hat to hip-hop on a couple of occasions, supplying vocals to songs by Queen Pen, Lil Kim, and Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony.

Bone Thugs N Harmony Feat. Phil Collins Home by Robinho68

Also, you remember the R&B tribute to Phil Collins. Right?

5) Oh yeah, the man can play drums a little sumpin’ sumpin’.

5b) There was a Phil Collins appreciation day in Brooklyn a few weeks back. Even hipsters wreckanize, yo!

5c) Beardy Young Phil? Kinda cute, actually.

Beardy Phil

Woof, Phil Collins


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