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One of the great things about living in Boston is the local music scene. At any given time, there’s a ton of talent lighting up a stage at one of the many great venues this city has to offer. A month or so ago, I had the chance to check out Air Traffic Controller, a co-ed outfit with serious pop smarts (as they should have; they’re produced by our friend Bleu.) Their album, Nordo, is a must-hear if you’re a fan of smartly written, eminently hooky music.

The lyric video for Nordo’s “You Know Me” is pretty cool. Knowing how most lyric videos come to be, I wasn’t even expecting the band members to be in the clip. Lo and behold…they’re there, paying (slight) homage to Bob Dylan (or maybe Michael Hutchence?) but adding in tons of party favors and a couch that looks like it was rolled in off of Commonwealth Avenue on August 31st (inside joke…you have to be a Bostonian to get it.)

Anyway, check out the video and get more info on Air Traffic Controller here.

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