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It’s been a pretty interesting thing, charting the rise of Passion Pit from local Boston band to an outfit that can sell out Madison Square Garden. I’ll admit to not giving their Gossamer album a full-on listen until right before the end of the year, after which I realized I’d been sleeping on a piece of music arguably better than their debut full-length, Manners.

The second single from Gossamer is called “Carried Away,” and it’s electro-hooky in the manner that just about every other Passion Pit song has been, and the video features actress Sophia Bush (I’m not gonna pretend I knew who she was before watching this video, and I guess I should still check IMDB or Wikipedia because I don’t remember her being in one damn thing I’ve watched.) At any rate, the clip is kinda cute in an artsy-fartsy/hipster kinda way. Apparently, it’s also being used in some commercial or other? The video has already racked up close to a million (probably over a million by the time I post this) views, so this might wind up being the song that finally gets these guys on Top 40 radio (where they belong.)

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