I’ve been off of the reality TV train for quite some time, but I must admit to having been intrigued when “R&B Divas” was announced a year or so ago. The show, which airs on the TVOne network (home of my beloved UnSung) follows a troupe of ’90s-era R&B stars as they work and play. The show was notable for its relatively low level of drama. It seems these days that the excuse for most reality shows is to see people fight as opposed to interact. If you were tuning into “R&B Divas,” you were doing so for reasons other than to see screaming and hissyfits. Credit that to the maturity of executive producer/team leaders Faith Evans and Nicci Gilbert (formerly of Brownstone) and her cohorts Monifah, KeKe Wyatt and Syleena Johnson.

The show has been renewed for a second season, and they have decided to add two more cast members to the group. When “R&B Divas” relaunches, it will do so with Angie Stone and LaTocha Scott. Stone has a series of hit albums to her credit (the most recent, Rich Girl, charted late last year) and is also well known for being a pioneering female rapper (as a member of Sequence) and for being D’Angelo’s baby momma. Scott was best known as the zaftig member of R&B girl group Xscape. Since that group broke up, she’s slimmed down and done some solo work.

Also, stay tuned for “R&B Divas: Los Angeles.” Scheduled to start airing later this year, the cast for this show includes Kelly Price (who has collaborated with everyone from Mariah to Biggie to R. Kelly,) Michel’le (former NWA protege best known for “No More Lies” and “Nicety,” both of which were Top 10 pop hits,) Chante Moore (jazzy chanteuse who had a solid run of hits in the mid Nineties,) Dawn Robinson (primary vocalist of En Vogue during their most popular period,) Lil’ Mo (hip-hop flavored singer/songwriter best known for her collaborations with Ja Rule and Fabolous) and Claudette Ortiz (the female third of City High and protege of Wyclef Jean.) As you can see, there’s a little more star power out there on the West Coast. Also, given some of these ladies’ penchant for drama, a lot more chance for fireworks.

One thing’s for certain-there’s going to be a lot of good sangin’ on these shows. Should be a pretty good watch.

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