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Seems like it’s been an eternity since Paramore released anything. A quick look at Wikipedia reveals that the release date of their last album was 2009. So, yeah…an eternity. And Paramore doesn’t seem like one of those bands that can successfully return from a four-year layoff (translation: their fans are still likely maturing in musical taste and in all likelihood are listening to something else now.)

Nevertheless, Hayley Williams and her rotating cast of sidemen have returned with a self-titled album (due out 4/9) and a single and video entitled “Now.” There’s lots of power chords and emoting from Williams, and the video has the feel of a “Mad Max”-style apocalyptic epic. It’s pretty interesting to watch, and I never realized how much Williams looks like a 12 year old boy-especially with no makeup on.

At any rate, catch the video below and check out an interview with the band (as well as tour dates) here.

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