Circa de 2000, I was introduced to this woman named Morgan. She was different from any other woman I had been with. She had this very high class aura about her; the way she spoke, dressed, moved… just everything.

I used to come around to her house and file all of her paperwork. She was so busy that she could not keep everything in order so she needed someone like me around to do these little things. She never took notice of me since she already had a ton of people doing more important things for her; that was until one day one of her workers needed to take a vacation and I was designated to fill in for him. Since then Morgan started noticing me more and became smitten with me.

Fast forward, we’ve been together off and on for thirteen years. We broke up for almost a year when I left for North Carolina. I tried to take her with me but she wasn’t trying to move. Eventually I would return but it wasn’t really for her. She just sweetened the deal by saying she would pay more attention to our relationship if I returned to be with her and like a fool I did.

Morgan initially kept her word. She showed me how to earn more money, she bought me a new car, new clothes, gadgets, etc. I was living it up; or so I thought. As in most relationships, the honeymoon would soon be over. As the climate changed, she started acting weird. Her temper would flare and she’d dismissed a lot of her staff. I’m sure she looked at me as a burden as well but never told me to my face. Instead she decided that she would show her love by acting like I was one of her prized possessions who she trusted to multitask. At first I was honored but then I started noticing that she was getting better from my blood, sweat, and tears. What made matters worse was Morgan didn’t invest much into me anymore. She was making side deals with vendors building up other areas of her life while I worked countless hours for her in the back room.

Morgan would ask me to help her during nights, weekends, vacation days, holidays; you name it. The sad part is I did. I did anything she asked without question. If I ever complained, it would be under my breath. I sacrificed a lot for this woman. We’re damn near married.

You cannot imagine the level of disappointment when Morgan got her hands on a ton of money early this year and decided that she was not going to share any of it with me. I worked my fingers to the bone for her. She took life away from me; spiritually from me and physically from peers of mine. Before she sends me to my grave, I want a divorce! When I showed her the paperwork, her attitude was “Go!” but where am I going? So I just stay and take her shit.

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