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-1You didn’t think you could escape The Fades on Popblerd in 2013, did you? Just in time for Valentine’s Day, The Fades present to you and your loved one (s) the AA single for “Eight Times A Day”. Originally featured on the brilliant full-length album Ragnarok which was released last year, “Eight Times A Day” completely embodies the spirit of The Fades with its catchy chorus and bouncing melodies.

As a bonus and to further cement The Fades as a band not to be pegged to one specific genre the second song, “Free Little Pill”, is the complete opposite of “Eight Times…” but still completely and wholly The Fades through and through. Face it kids, you’re never going to figure out this band and that’s fine because the moment you do…well, let’s just say that you don’t want to live in that kind of a world.


Anyway, the AA single “Eight Times A Day” is out now through Genepool Records. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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