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It’s been ten years since The Postal Service released Give Up, one of the most enduring albums of the Oughts. Of course, in that time, singer Benjamin Gibbard has gone on to become a megastar, thanks to his *other* band, Death Cab for Cutie.

The outfit is reuniting for a tour this year, and they are also celebrating the anniversary of Give Up with a reissue this April. The reissue will contain a bonus disc featuring 15 songs, including “A Tattered Line of String,” which was unleashed upon the internet today.

While Gibbard’s voice always sounds kind of…well, weird…when doing upbeat music, that contrast was what made Give Up such a great listen. “Tattered” is as good as any track that originally appeared on the album, with a little extra four-on-the-floor oomph. This song (with additional vocals from Jenny Lewis) is giving me some Human League vibes for sure. Hopefully, the Postal Service follows this reissue with a whole album of new music. I’d pick that up in a heartbeat.

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