PromoImage-1The next evolution in Rude Awakening-era Prong mixed with Killing Joke, King Loses Crown take industrial noise to the next level with their EP, You Can’t Escape which sees the San Francisco based band easily picking up where late ’90’s evil disco bands like Static X and Rob Zombie left off but in a much more intelligent and aggressive way (Think Prong’s “Whose Fist Is It Anyway?” rather than “Dragula”). 

“Fall Apart” is just epic yet still falls in comparison to what comes after as Michael Cobra’s blistering guitar churns out riff after riff of bone crunching awesomeness. “Let This Be A Warning” is a hyper adrenalized industrial fueled romp that delivers on all fronts while the title track has a frenetic bounce that’s infectious. Elsewhere, “The Happiness Conspiracy” showcases Kent Carter’s spaced out synth work as does “Your Blood” which sounds like a frantic metalized version of Devo.

Throughout You Can’t Escape, though,  it’s really the vocals (Shared by Cobra and Carter) that propels the EP above your typical industrial metal fare sharing more with Mark Mothersbaugh than Alien Jourgensen. All in all, YCE is a great intro into the world of King Loses Crown and will have your foot tapping at ludicrous speeds while anxiously awaiting the bands next release.

You Can’t Escape is available on February 19th. Check out King Loses Crown’s website to find out where you can get your copy.

Grade: A


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