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Now that Yo La Tengo’s excellent new record, Fade, has been released, the next record I’m really looking forward to is the new Dawes’ album, Stories Don’t End, set for release on April 9. Over the past couple of weeks the bands been teasing out details, first releasing a track listing and then a trailer video. On Thursday, the band started streaming the first single, “From A Window Seat” over at, and started taking pre-orders on its website.

“From A Window Seat” was tested out on the road last summer, and Taylor Goldsmith says it was inspired by his increased fear of flying brought on by last year’s near constant touring. The track’s got a bit of a jittery, urgent beat to it, so if you’re a nervous flyer, you’ll relate. While it doesn’t have the laid back vibe of their first two albums, it’s not a radical departure. The playing is tight and the vocal harmonies are the bands’ usual terrific standard. As a teaser, “From A Window Seat” does it job and has me counting the days until April 9.

You can listen to “From A Window Seat” below,or, better, if you pre-order the vinyl LP or CD version of Stories Don’t End here, you’ll get an immediate download of the track (plus an autographed hardcover book, T shirt and digital download come April 9). I’ve already plunked down for the vinyl set.

Stories Don’t End Album Trailer:

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