“Sometimes discouraged but not defeated;
Cast down but not destroyed;
There are times when I don’t understand;
But I believe it’s turning around for me.”

Every once in a while I like to take the time to reflect about how I feel when I overcome some of my struggles. This time is no different.

If you didn’t know I have an entrepreneurial spirit as do the partners I’ve aligned myself with. Sometimes we don’t always do the best things we could for business but we try. They say practice makes perfect and there is no better way of perfecting your craft than to work on it tirelessly.

Just the other night, we had an interesting conversation about some of the projects we are coming across. During each task we are sharpening our skills but there seems to be a drought in the money well. We are excited about each project, which allows us the creative space to explore our imaginations and drift away from some of life’s harsh realities such as monthly rent with no income coming in. We have yet to make this partnership our number one source of revenue.

However, instead of dwelling on the things that hinder us, we just keep moving forward. We show up for meetings that probably end up going nowhere. We entertain clients who want the world with no budget. We even sometimes do some pro bono work just to show a little diversity in our portfolio. And yes sometimes we get frustrated. Ok that was an understatement, we sometimes get beyond frustrated. That’s when we step back, size up our struggle and then focus on how much we’ve accomplished. Funny thing is even through the tantrums we always recognize that our time is coming.

It is that spirit which dwells within in us that keeps us motivated. And just when we begin to lose our faith, we have a breakthrough. I’m so grateful for those moments. There is no better feeling than to overcome your fears, worries, hardships, etc. The joy inside of me feels like I’ve just moved a mountain. What happens is, the impossible just took a little time to become reachable. As I bask in this sunshine called Glory, I can feel it turning around for me. Come and join me during this tanning session.

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