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I run hot and cold on Chrisette Michele. She’s a talented vocalist, but also kind of on the anonymous side. Listening to her music sometimes, you can hear her songs occasionally fall into “generic R&B singer” mode. Her last album, Let Freedom Reign, was a fucking disaster. So, it’s no surprise that she’s changing things up a bit with her new single, “Charades.”

Unfortunately, she’s going the T-Pain route. “Charades” is almost entirely Auto-Tuned. Granted, it’s much closer to Kanye-style creative usage of the program than not, but still…if your music is somewhat devoid of personality as is, why would you release a single that makes egregious use of a program that robs your voice of its personality? Doesn’t sound like the recipe for a hit…or a long career.

Apparently, there’s also a version that features 2 Chainz. PASS.

She looks cute in the video, though.

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