Apologies for our delayed start to 2013, but Blerd Radio is up and running. The first show of the year joins Big Money Mike with his cohorts Mike DuguetteMichael Parr, and Zack “Dr. Gonzo” Stiegler.

This potpourri-scented effort covers a lot of ground, including:

-Season 12 of “American Idol”

-What Nicole Kidman sees in Keith Urban, and what Aussies might be a better fit for the actress.

-The television show and movie “Catfish.”

-The Manti Te’o mess, including some semi-serious psychology and media analysis.

-The Roots’ Picnic lineup, in addition to their upcoming album and collaboration with Elvis Costello.

-The album that was almost called “Cat Butt”

-The comeback of soul singer D’Angelo (but not his abs.)

-New singles from David Bowie, Justin Timberlake, Destiny’s Child and will.i.am


-Justin Timberlake is overrated/Ne-Yo is underrated.

-Prince’s plans for 2013

-Why Axl Rose asked for reggae.

-Recommendations from each guest.

Parr’s recommendations: the latest albums by Andy Allo (Superconductor) and Ra Ra Riot (Beta Love)

Duque’s recommendations: Shuggie Otis’ Inspiration Information (scheduled for release April 20th)

Gonzo’s recommendations: Let Me Clear My Throat and How To Wreck a Nice Beach

Big Money’s recommendations: UnSung & Pulphead

In addition: the first mom joke of 2013 occurs barely two minutes into the show, Duquette makes a slightly awkward Foghat reference when discussing the “Idol” co-hosts, Parr brings up the much-beloved show “Cheaters,” our friend IrishJava gets shouted out, several bad jokes about Naughty by Nature are made, we coin the term “pullin’ a Roker,” and Duquette-in a frighteningly prescient moment-calls a Fall Out Boy reunion less than 24 hours before it was actually announced.

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