2013 has not been a good year (so far) for festival announcements featuring bands I like. This is really not good, because I want to see a music festival this year.

Anyway, the 2013 Coachella lineup was announced a few hours ago, and while the big-name acts (and many of the smaller ones) are all good, there’s no one I have a burning desire to catch. Maybe it’s me.

At any rate: the Friday nights will be headlined by the reformed Stone Roses and Blur. It’s like 1991 London all up in this bitch! One name I was very happy to see in the lineup was that of Modest Mouse. I’m chomping at the bit for a new album by those guys-and perhaps the Coachella slot is an indication that new music is in the offing. Saturday nights will be headlined by French dance-rockers Phoenix (love ’em…seen ’em many times already,)  The Postal Service (who also just announced a reunion) and New Order. The biggest name for the Sunday shows is the Red Hot Chzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Sorry, I fell asleep.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Vampire Weekend, and the Wu-Tang Clan (or rather, however many members of the Wu decide to show up that night) are also high up on the list. Man, am I jaded.

I’m gonna go look at the Jazzfest lineup now. That might be more up my alley.

The Coachella festival will be running for two weekends out in Indio, CA. 4/12-4/14, and 4/19-4/21. For more info, go here.


Ladies and gentlemen, your Coachella 2013 lineup.

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