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kenna-gloriaKenna has this place in my heart where he can do no wrong. Everything he does is, quite simply, beautiful. The only downside of Kenna is that he isn’t more well known than he obviously should be and that his lapses between releases leaves fans wanting, no needing, more. But when it comes to Kenna releasing new music you just need to remember: Absence makes the heart grow fonder! If you treat each new Kenna release like a celebration then you’ll be in a good headspace and oh, what a celebration “Gloria” is. On his latest release, a cover of U2’s “Gloria”, he expands his range yet again. Off of October, “Gloria” is a throwback to the heyday of early U2 and in Kenna’s more than capable hands the song transcends into a spiritual journey.

Check out the comparison below. Which one do you like? The OG? Or the OK?



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