Photo via Esquire Magazine

Justin Timberlake is such a kidder.

On Wednesday night, January 9, Justin Timberlake posted the following on Twitter.


This led his Twitter followers on a cat and mouse chase for the next twelve hours, waiting to see what would be there for them when they woke up. The rumor was that Timberlake was back in the studio and would have a new single out. It was almost true.

Instead, the next morning, Timberlake linked to a countdown page. It showed us a YouTube video of him that wasn’t new music, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. When the video was over, you were shown a countdown which was to end Sunday night, which is where we are now.

On Sunday evening, Timberlake broke his own countdown and put it out a little early because as he said, he was too stoked.

Here’s what we know:

– Timberlake has been quietly working on music since June.
– He was just “playing around with some sounds and songs” and was having the time of his life.
– The album is to be called “The 20/20 Experience” and it will drop sometime this year.
– And here’s your teaser single, the glossy “Suit & Tie” featuring Jay-Z.

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