LoveandDeath_Image1You might remember Brian Welch when he was going by “Head” and playing guitar in a little band known as Korn. After releasing a solo album under the Head moniker in 2008, Welch rebranded himself complete with a new band called Love And Death and released the Chemicals EP last year. With a new full-length on the horizon, Welch took the time to respond to some questions from Popblerd via email:



1. How does Love & Death differ from Head?
Love And Death is more of a band effort. Head was more of a solo album. It was way more personal.

2. What can fans expect from the upcoming album (Between Here And Lost , out January 22nd on Tooth & Nail)?
I think this music is some of the best music I’ve ever been a part of. You can actually feel the different range of emotions in each song. Fans can expect some very heavy music with a lot of melody in it.

3. Why was Tooth & Nail the right label for Love & Death?
Tooth and Nail really believed in what we were doing. They said a lot of things that got us excited, so we went with them. We were talking to two other labels as well.

4. You recently covered “Whip It” on the Chemicals EP. What’s the appeal of doing covers? Do you prefer the covers that are straight up covers or more reinterpretations like “Whip It” where the band puts their own spin on a classic?
I like it when bands put their own spin on cover tunes. I don’t like it when cover tunes are too predictable and exactly like the originals.

5. Speaking of covers, has there ever been any thought of throwing more Korn covers into the show?
No, there hasn’t been any more thought to that. But we are open to discuss it. They are definitely fun songs to play live.

6. How is being the bandleader different from being the guitarist in the band? Do you prefer one role over the other? What made you decide to sing in the first place?
Being a band leader has a lot more stress! I guess I prefer both. I like the simplicity of only being a guitar player, but I like the challenge of being a bandleader too.

7. Your third book was released in 2010, do you have plans for the follow up and is writing something you’d like to continue doing?
Yeah, I’d like to continue writing in the future. There are no plans to write a new book as of now, but it’s funny you asked this question, because I just thought of a new book idea in the last couple days.

8. What can a fan who has never seen Love & Death live expect to bring away from a live performance?
Energy! We are very passionate about our music, and we put one hundred percent into our shows. Our bodies are always aching after our shows.

9. What do you hope your fans take away from Love & Death’s music?
I hope our music moves our fans. I love it when music makes people feel things. But if some only like the music and never feel anything, we are cool with that too.

10. What has being in/creating Love & Death taught you about yourself?
It’s taught me that I really need to grow up. LOL. We are four of the most immature guys I’ve ever seen 🙂

Between Here And Lost is out on January 22nd through Tooth And Nail Records. Get yours here.

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