As I officially kick off my 2013 concert going year with Quicksand tonight, it’s time to investigate what is sure to be a killer year of heavy releases. Also, if you’ve been following Metal Monday since its’ inception or just happened upon us recently, thanks for reading as we hit two years on Popblerd with today’s post. Here’s to many more!

1. Killswitch Engage: Disarm The Descent (April 2nd)

The reunion of Jesse Leach and Adam D on 2011’s masterpiece album under the Times Of Grace moniker was one thing but the reunion of Leach with Killswitch Engage for the first bit of new material since the classic Alive Or Just Breathing is definitely going to be one of the most anticipated releases in the metal community. First single “In Due Time” impacts on February 5th. Be prepared.

2. Queens Of The Stone Age/Vista Chino

QOTSA’s first record in almost 6 years has Dave Grohl on drums plus appearances from Tren Reznor and Nick Oliveri. Vista Chino has Kyuss minus Josh Homme. Whether you’re Team Josh or Team Brohn (Brant and John!), 2013 has your desert rock needs.

3. Clutch: Earth Rocker (March 19th)

You might’ve recalled that 2013 kicked off with “Clutch week” over here so it should come as no surprise that Earth Rocker is high up on the MM most anticipated list. According to guitarist Tim Sult it sounds “like a cross between the good parts of Transnational Speedway League combined with Blast Tyrant” which is definitely good news for Clutch fans.

4. Earthtone9: IV (soon)

If the Pledge-only previews of “Preacher” and “Mouth Of The Yeti” are any indication, the highly anticipated album form the UK’s best kept secret (And their first new full-length in 13 years!) is going take their post metal sound to a whole different realm of incredibleness. Also, if you haven’t pledged yet (Or heard of these guys), check out their Pledgemusic site here.

5. Palms: TBD (Spring)

What do you get when you take 3/5th’s of Isis and put Chino Moreno of deftones in front of them? Awesome. That’s what. Not a note has been heard from Palms but when their debut drops sometime in the new year, it is sure to be one of the most beautiful yet crushing albums of 2013.

6. Jack Burton Vs David Lopan: Exhibit C (Summer)

While little is known about their just-finished-being-tracked second full-length, there are a few things fans can definitely be certain of: Kenny Irwin of Motherboar will be making an appearance, Vocalist Erik Scott still has a scream that will peel the skin off your face, there will be no Megadeth covers, and JBvDL still has the sexiest bassist alive.

7. Alice In Chains: TBD (Spring)

Their second with William DuVall, the upcoming fifth full-length from AIC was previewed late last year as first single “Hollow” was released. While not straying from the dense, layered, and dark sound they’ve been known for the new album still promises more surprises when it comes out sometime around April.

8. Lo-Pro: TBD (Spring)

The latest from SoCal heavies Lo-Pro could be out as early as February with tracks that are rumored to echo the ferocity of the members former outfit Ultraspank. One of the most overlooked heavy acts out there today, maybe album number three will be the one that makes people finally pay attention.

9. A Pale Horse Named Death: TBD (May 27th)

APHND’s debut  was one of the first albums I reviewed for MM so I’m beyond excited for what Sal Abruscato and company have in store for their sophomore release. Now if we could just get fellow Brooklynites Seventh Void (And fellow Type O Negative alumni) to put out their second record already and a co-headlining tour would be a no-brainer.

10. Entombed: TBD (Spring)

The Swedish metallers haven’t released a new album since 2007’s Serpent Saints so it’s anyone’s guess what the latest from LG Petrov and the boys will sound like but intense is easily an adjective that could be used for anything Entombed-related.

11. Phil Anselmo: TBD (Summer)

Will the first full-length under Anselmo’s own name sound like the tracks off the War Of The Gargantuas split that just came out or like Down? Maybe Superjoint Ritual or Arson Anthem? Or maybe Pantera or something completely different? Only Anselmo knows

12. Black Sabbath: TBD

Three out of four ain’t bad, right? Ozzy, Geezer, and Iommi with Rick Rubin producing. It’s sure to be huge.

13. Bring Me The Horizon: Sempiternal

This band is kind of a metal guilty pleasure of mine. I love the guitar tones and the aggression and their last record (2010’s There Is A Hell…) was fantastic. They’re on a bigger label now (RCA) and judging from the first tease off Sempiternal (“Shadow Moses”, listen below), bigger label only means bigger sound.


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