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Manequins, the debut EP from Picture Me Broken is sure to whet the appetite’s of fans craving more of the “Decode”/Twilight-era Paramore or the modern day industrial pop of The Birthday Massacre but delve deeper within the polished sheen to find a gritty four songs that cover a wide array of genres.

When “Torture” begins amidst vocalist Brooklyn Allmann’s screams that flow into a powerful clean line that immediately shows her heritage (Re: Brooklyn’s last name), Picture Me Broken stands out as not just another female fronted hard rock outfit. Not only does Almann stand out but so do the rest of the band by delivering a solid and instantly catchy hard rock anthem.

While Jimmy Strimpel and Dante Phoenix definitely rise to the occaion with the shredding found within the title track, it’s Brooklyn that shines once again when her guttural growl takes control and reminds listeners more of Arch Enemy’s Angela Glasgow than any singer on Fueled by Ramen. “Beautiful Disguise is a piano-laden dreamscape that slightly interrupts the mood until the shredfest sing-a-long “Nothing Further” closes out the EP.

The only downside to Manequins? It’s over before you know it but here’s hoping that 2013 holds more from Picture Me Broken.

Manequins is available now. Get yours here.

Grade: B+

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