Easily one of the breakout bands of 2012, IAMDYNAMITE’s brand of infectious adrenalized two man pop is exactly what the music world needs right now. Drummer Chris Phillips recently took some time to talk with Popblerd via email about the origins of the band and what the future holds:

For the uninitiated, how did IAMDYNAMITE form?
Chris Martin and I met in High School.  It was a small town so the kids who actually played instruments were few and far between. We started jamming in his basement, started a band that faded in college, then started another band after college that was going absolutely nowhere…. and later on decided to start a duo… and here we are!


What is the appeal of being a duo as opposed to having the traditional four-member band?
Its easier in every way….. all decisions and business is easier, writing is easier, and travel is easier.

Being a duo, do you find a tremendous amount of pressure to recreate the recorded songs live?
Not at all…. we recorded pretty exact to what we do live. there are guitar layers and vocal doubles, but that’s just the same parts over and over for panning and sonically filling on a recording.  Its always drums guitar and vocals.

Are there certain songs recorded for the album that you find difficult to replicate live?
“Annie”…. because there is an organ part as well as 6 part harmony at the end.  We have played it before with special guests.

Do you have a favorite duo besides The Black Keys and Sonny & Cher?
Bo and Luke Duke, Cagney and Lacey, Outkast, Batman and Robin (the old TV show ones), Bonnie and Clyde, Simon and Garfunkel, the Carpenters, …… I mean the list goes on and on  forever.

In the age of social media and anti-video, why do you feel it’s necessary for bands to continue to make inventive and original videos like you do?
Since the MTV’s of the world rarely play music videos, it’s all about Youtube and your views.  Original video will always be a part of music. A video is just another way to express yourself in your art. If it’s just a plain video of you playing it will be lost forever and forgotten about…. if it makes you laugh, throw up, dizzy, or excited then you have a chance of being spread around the world through the internet. Going Viral is a huge thing…. be original, be creative, be fun.

You’ve been touring on the record for quite some time now, is there a favorite from the album to play live?
“Ms. Jones” has always been the fun one to play. We tend to Rock it out the most, and it’s usually last so it’s our last chance to win over any doubters in the crowd.

What are your current touring plans?
We have Radio X-mas shows in December, January 8th starts the West coast leg of the Sum 41 Does this look Infected 10th Aniv. tour. and the end of Feb we will be returning to Germany.

Are there plans for a follow up to Supermegafantastic soon?
YES! We are still in the process of writing, but we are excited with where we are going and the new things we have created.

What has being in IAMDYNAMITE taught you about yourself?
I cannot handle fast food like I used too.

SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC is out now. You should really buy it.

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