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If you’ve been feeling like there’s just too much going on in your life, maybe you should aim to change that.

Have you ever stepped back and realized how much energy you exert each day? Are you that over-achiever who puts in the time but doesn’t really make a dent in your overall goal? I can’t lie. A lot of times I feel like I’m that person but then I see something that makes me think about how much time I’m wasting.

I’m reading this book called “Rework”. It’s a business readiness book without the bs for lack of better words. What’s funny is it says pretty much the opposite of what most business savvy enthusiasts preach. It reads encouraging words of acting with human instinct instead technical mumbo jumbo…yes I said mumbo jumbo. The reality is it’s really a hard slap in the face to wake the reader up and be about their business in a more constructive way. Another thing I find amusing about the book is that it is written with sarcasm directed at me and points out specific things that I’ve been doing that hinders my growth.

Back to you…what exactly stops you from reaching your goals? Have you become complacent in your everyday routine? I hear plenty of people tell me that they need to make a change but never get around to it. Are you afraid of change? Do you not feel worthy of it? Do you not have the time? These are great excuses but that’s all that they are; excuses and steps preventing you from being the great person you are.

You probably have a bucket list of items that you have never checked off. Ok I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt; maybe two or three tasks completed. Wait…do you even have a bucket list? It’s time to start taking an inventory of ideas that you have for your life and execute. Don’t think too long about it; just strike.  Change your pattern of thinking because more than likely it might be just enough for you to get by but not enough to keep you content.

These are the words from the greatest procrastinator in the world but if I make changes, you don’t have any excuses. We need to “rework.”

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