I’ll admit-I haven’t been doing new release columns the last couple of weeks because there hasn’t been a hell of a lot to report. What’s the point in doing a comprehensive column when “comprehensive” adds up to…3 releases?

So, we took a break-but we’re back. At least for a week. Not least because there are two albums out today that I’m highly interested in.

As I write this, I’m about halfway through Big Boi‘s Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors. I kinda feel for the dude, because he’s so dope but he has to live in Andre 3000’s shadow. All I have to say is: don’t sleep on Big. My man is hella talented, and while his solo work so far hasn’t exactly been able to measure up to Aquemini or Stankonia, it’s still better than 90% of hip-hop these days.

Man, Bruno Mars really let his hair go.

Also, Bruno Mars is back. The Grammy-winning songwriter’s sophomore effort is entitled Unorthodox Jukebox, and he’s got a full head of steam. Hit single? Check. Triumphant “SNL” hosting gig? Check. Multi-talented? Check, check, check. If you dig well-crafted pop music, this might be the direction you should head in for that last-second Christmas gift.

First there was Uno, then there was Dos, and now, Green Day caps off their trilogy of albums with Tre! Yes, I’m sure they realize that “tres,” not “tre” is “three” in Spanish, but…their drummer isn’t named Tres Cool, is he? With Billie Joe not around to promote the album(s) and lukewarm reviews, these albums have been the least successful of Green Day’s career, but…I guess they can all go cry on a pile of money.

Speaking of “least successful,” Game apparently thinks people still care about him. The L.A. rapper is still able to pull in the big names, as his fifth album, Jesus Piece, boasts a guest roster featuring…pretty much every hip-hop & contemporary R&B artist in the game (obviously missing: 50 Cent.) Much as I love hip-hop, what happened to the days when an artist could pull off an entire album largely by themselves? Then again, who’d want to hear Game rapping for 45 minutes straight anyway? He’d probably just reference the names of every artist in the game, anyway. I guess he might as well have them on his damn album.

Lifehouse is still around, believe it or not. For those of you who like your rock alarmingly milquetoast, check out the band’s new album, Almeria. If you like your rock slightly less milquetoast, or maybe just a younger-skewing version of milquetoast, you might want to check out the new album from future has-beens Boys Like Girls, entitled Crazy World.

And with that-Popblerd’s New Release Report shuts down for 2012. Make sure you check out the most up-to-date list of upcoming releases on one of our favorite sites, Pause and Play, and have a fantastic holiday!

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