The Roots have introduced many a popular emcee over the course of two decades in the game. The first time you heard Eve was likely on the hit single “You Got Me.” First time you heard Wale? Probably on the Rising Down album. This isn’t to mention their own lengthy list of affiliates who are kinda members but not really (like Dice Raw, for example.)

Truck North has been rocking with Philly’s finest for a hot minute, and he has an EP coming out this week entitled Our American Cousin. “Capital Crime” is listed as a bonus cut (at least according to the awesome Potholes In My Blog, which is where I found this track) but it’s receiving a lot of notice probably because of the presence of one-hit wonder Asher Roth, who spits the track’s final verse.

I have nothing against Mr. Roth personally (seriously, I played the shit out of “I Love College” for a hot minute,) and there’s no denying that he possesses some technical skill, but…putting him on a track with not only Truck, but Black Thought? Anyone’s gonna sound disappointing coming after those two guys, for one. Plus, Asher’s rhyme style isn’t really a good fit against these two guys. I’m definitely on board with this song, but wouldn’t be mad if Roth’s verse was removed at some point.

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