I was having a conversation with someone the other day and he said something along the lines of: if you have to have an altercation with someone, let it be with an adult. Most adults know the consequences of their actions. Kids today are more care less.

When I was younger and was told that the world was mine, I could look amongst a crowd of my peers and think that the worst thing that could possibly happen is someone is going to have a fight at 3 o’clock, it’s going to spread around the school, parents are going to be called, someone is getting suspended, someone is getting grounded, and then it is a dead issue. Disagreements with kids today, lead to real “dead issues”.

I’m not trying to give a “back in my day” kind of speech. I’m not that old but it makes you think about when your elders were preaching to you about being the best you can. What they never spoke to you about was if you chose the life of a gangster, be the best at that as well. Now, the thing is, it used to be guys with their chests puffed out because they were amongst friends. Nowadays, friends or no friends, they’re not afraid to do a one on one. With a weapon, they don’t mind a 5:1 ratio either.

So this is who’s supposed to run the world? This is what Martin Luther King fought for? This is the result of Barack Obama’s two terms in office? These kids are living like being dead or in jail are their only options. News flash: the young females are just as bad as the males.

When did it become cool not to want more? When was it declared a law that you can’t dream? I know it’s hard in some areas but if your mindset is to stay trapped in an environment which deprives you of success, you will never be successful. So, in a sense it actually makes sense. Kids have lost all hope of a bright future due to the dark clouds lingering over their environments. The worst part of that is no one really wants to take the time to lecture them about doing better because it’s too dangerous. Now what?

We need a hero because I’m almost afraid to bring a child into this world but there’s always hope; isn’t there?

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