One of the cool things about being able to network with other folks who are music obsessives (and write about their obsession is that you get turned on to bands you hadn’t heard of before. Case in point: The Damnwells. I was introduced to the pop goodness of these guys last year by Popdose major domo Jeff Giles. After hearing a track or two from their latest album, No One Listens To The Band Anymore, and expressing interest in the band, I awoke one morning to find that Jeff had purchased the album for me and it was sitting in my inbox, waiting to be downloaded and listened to. I enjoyed No One Listens so much, I went out and bought it on CD even though a digital copy had been purchased for me. Can’t really give more of a recommendation than that, can you?

At any rate, main Damnwell guy Alex Dezen premiered a new track, “Say What You Want” on the band’s Soundcloud page a few days back. He says it’s a demo, but after hearing the song, I can safely say that most bands would kill for a song this good to be just a demo. Catchy as hell, great harmonies, and…the song was co-written by Julian Velard, another artist that I was turned on to thanks to…Jeff Giles.

Jeff, this whole post was intended just to slobber all over you.

Not really.

Anyway, listen to the song, and if you like it, check out more of The Damnwells’ (or Velard’s) stuff. Pay it forward!

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