These are not technically music videos, which is what you’d generally see in our Viewfinder posts, but they’re so good, they might as well be.

Old Navy is really reaching out to my age demographic in their commercials. Either they believe I’m in the market for cheap clothing or that I have children who I need to buy cheap clothing for. No matter what it is, I ain’t mad at them (Danny Boy voice).

The latest of their commercials features Jordan Knight (an Old Navy favorite from the summer) and Boyz II Men, favorites of this very website. Johnny Mathis introduces Jordan Knight who sings about changing the threads on mom and dad this Christmas. And then the Three Wise Boyz II Men fit the children in fly pajamas. The only thing missing was Mike Bivins sitting on the toilet in new gear.

That commercial piggy backs on what has been their most successful of the videos so far. And I’m basing this success on how much I popped for it when I saw it (I actually think the Jordan Knight summer catalog video has gone most viral).

Right before children went back to school a few months ago, there were several Beverly Hills, 90210-inspired commercials, including this one where Andrea Zuckerman finally tells Brandon Walsh that she loves him. But that one was quickly topped when Jennie Garth aka Kelly Taylor, who is hotter now than she was in the 90s, had to once again choose between Brandon and Dylan McKay.

The first time she had to choose between them, it didn’t end well.

But this time, she chose jeans. She’s so selfish.

Check out the Old Navy channel on YouTube to see other commercials. You’ll spend thirty minutes looking for old favorites.

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