The only bad thing about being a fan of The Faint in recent years is the lack of new music. The band’s last album, Fasciination, came out in August of 2008 and nothing has been heard from the band after the initial touring cycle was complete. It seems like the oncoming apocalypse has spurned Omaha’s resident electro geeks to step back into action. Not only have they just reissued their classic Danse Macabre as a fancy anniversary edition (The vinyl version is sweet!), but they’ve also begun a tour in which they’ll be playing said classic in its entirety.

But that’s not all!

The Faint is aiming to get back in your good graces and have announced a limited tour only 12-inch with new songs including the just released “Evil Voices” (With more new music coming in 2013). The song is a great reintroduction and immediately recalls the electro cacophony of Blankwave Arcade and Media coupled with the more sleek pop of latter day The Faint.

It’s available for free below. It would be silly, nay stupid, if you didn’t take advantage! And go over to Thefaint.com to see where you can catch them on tour.


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