Although his recording career stretches back over 15 years, Jamie Lidell made a splash in 2005 with Multiply, a funky blend of soul and electronic music. The 2008 follow-up Jim put Lidell squarely in the soul throwback wheelhouse to great acclaim. 2010’s Compass coincidentally found Lidell without much direction, and left up to question whether he would be able to regain ground with his future work. We now have the first taste of Lidell’s new project, a self-titled full length due out in February. And if “What a Shame” is any indication, Lidell just may pull this one off.

The track is has a heavy electro groove with Lidell’s soulful voice adding the proverbial icing on the cake. After the disappointment of Compass, I said that I would never buy another Jamie Lidell album blindly. But I have to say, “What a Shame” shows a great deal of promise for Lidell’s fourth release on the legendary Warp label. Take a listen!

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