Is it me, or does it seem like TV programming (as it pertains to music) was so much better back in the day?

Those that know me well are aware that I’ve been on a super Bill Withers kick lately. I recently purchased a box set from the singer/songwriter, that features all eight of his studio albums plus his legendary Live at Carnegie Hall set. Even though I already owned a couple of the albums previously, it’s totally worth buying them again just so you can have his complete works. Look out for a Discography Fever coming next week that covers Withers’ career.

My buddy/nemesis Matt Wardlaw (by way of mutual Twitter pal Stephen Connolly) hipped me to this mini concert Withers performed for BBC-TV back in 1973. Plain-spoken and relaxed, Withers delivers a riveting set of some of his biggest hits. No pyro, no explosions, no backup dancers, no costumes. Just a man and his music. Good stuff.

Look out for a Bill Withers Discography Fever coming soon!

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