Normally, the Jukebox From Hell only plays music that has been out for a while. After all, minds change. And that song you hated five years ago may just have wound up growing on you over time (hello “My Humps.”)

We are going to suspend those rules for our latest entry: Nicole Westbrook’s “It’s Thanksgiving.”

In maybe the clearest case of “I’m gonna ride this bull until it’s back breaks” in music industry history, “songwriter/producer” Patrice Wilson has released what’s essentially a carbon copy of his previous “hit,” Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” Only the subject of the song isn’t Friday, it’s Thanksgiving. And the singer isn’t Rebecca Black, it’s some other random teenage Becky named Nicole Westbrook.

Not that one would expect the song to be anything less than banal, but man, was it a test of my patience just to get through 3 1/2 minutes of the video. From Patrice (a dude who’s giving me some serious Lou Perlman/”Dateline NBC” vibes appearing in a turkey suit and being the only adult in the entire video to Rebecca Nicole Ashley Jennifer singing into a God damn turkey leg, this song gives me more WTFF than a million Macy Gray albums covering Stevie Wonder.

The fact that Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away means that this song will have a mercifully short shelf life, but I guarantee you that thanks to columns like this, “It’s Thanksgiving” will rack up the YouTube views and be damn near ubiquitous for the next few days.

We’re sorry. Maybe.

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