For someone who inappropriately loves ’80s nostalgia (“inappropriately” because I came into the world seven years into said decade, and remember none of it), I’ve never enjoyed the wave of warm fuzzies for the ’90s, the cultural era I actually experienced in full. I don’t complain that cartoons today aren’t as good as Nicktoons, because it’s kids’ stuff. I don’t care about the fashions, and as much as I enjoyed the music, I don’t want it thrown back in my face every few months (even though several of my favorite “’90s bands” have put out great albums this year).

So it’s a pleasant surprise to get a little swept up by the trailer for next year’s 20th anniversary 3-D re-release of Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. Maybe it’s the fond memories: I turned six right after the movie came out – the perfect age to gape with wonder over dinosaurs. In middle school, I read and re-read Michael Crichton’s novel, and if you look through my closet, I’m sure you’ll find at least two or three rubber and plastic T-rexes and velociraptors lurking about.

Whatever the reason, Jurassic Park is a hell of a summer popcorn movie, with special effects that still dazzle and strong set pieces worthy of the Spielberg brand. Seeing JP on the big screen is going to be a blast when the film stomps into theaters next April; check out that trailer and tell us if you agree!

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