Tiffany (@tvproducerlady on Twitter) and I are in fact getting back together, unlike Taylor Swift and any of her boyfriends. Or, unlike the group once known as LYLAS and 1432 and their previous names. Or, unlike the X Factor USA and Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul who aren’t on this show anymore.

On the latest edition of The Popblerd Reality Check Podcast, we chop it up about:

– My pre-season X Factor USA predictions and what Tiffany thought of them.

– The first live show which consisted of all 16 acts singing their hearts out. Who did we like and who did we hate? (*cough Tiffany hated CeCe *cough)

– We discussed who was eliminated by the mentors on the second live show and whether or not they made the right choices.

– We give our top five at this point in the competition (and yes, we disagree on a lot of it).

– We talk about Khloe Dunkleman and what she needs to improve on to not be such a nuisance on the show.

– Lastly, we chime in for a short time about the Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj rivalry on American Idol and who is going to look the worse for it.

Thanks for listening and let us know your top 5.

Right click to download or stream below.


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