“Politics” isn’t the first song that singer/songwriter Kenna and producer/instrumentalist (and occasional vocalist) RJD2 have collaborated on, but it is by far the best, and leads the mind to wonder what would happen if the two got together for a full-length project.

Kenna has never sounded as engaging as he does on this song. His vocals draw you in, and gives me the impression that if he ever decided to make an album in the vein of early Seal (you know, back when he was good before he started making crappy covers albums,) it would be my album of the year before I even cracked the plastic off the CD. As for RJD2, “Politics” is one of his most challenging songs from an instrumental aspect, as layered as any Jon Brion production. This is your song of the week folks, Go listen. Let’s hope for new music from these two guys (separately is cool, but together would be aces) very soon.

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