Concordia may seem familiar but trust me when I say they make music that sounds like nothing else in modern hard rock. Sort of a mix of Cold’s emotion, Ra’s tribal spirituality, and the anthemic riffage of Breaking Benjamin and 30 Seconds To Mars, Concordia go one step beyond those comparisons to forge something new.

On debut Clarity Of Perception, Cleveland’s Concordia present the next stage of evolution of melodic hard rock with songs that are sure to resonate with music fans. It’s evident the moment “Spoon-fed Sheep” explodes from your speakers that Concordia don’t hold back the emotion or the sound. Vocalist/guitarist Eric Emery is a blessing and the fact that Ra’s own Sahaj Ticotin (A co-writer on Clarity Of Perception as well) took him under his wing speaks volumes about his talent.

If “Spoon-fed Sheep” doesn’t hook ya, then “Surrender” has the chops to right that wrong. Razor sharp riffing thanks to Emery and Cory Juba smothered on top of some of the most chant-a-long choruses this side of Linkin Park should be all that it takes to make you a Concordia fan for life. “White Horse” slows down the pace a little but is even more memorable than “Surrender” which seems to be the trend on Clarity: each song outdoing the previous one. “White Horse” also formally introduces the drum/bass killer combo of Nick Smith and Kyle Tresch.

Clarity Of Perception only gets better and catchier the deeper you go. Songs like “Ghost Of You” and “Sorry For Now” are the types of songs you can see Concordia building a musical foundation off of while elsewhere, songs like the “The Calling” have a heaviness that threatens to drive the band somewhere else. For now, Concordia walk the line inbetween just fine and Clarity Of Perception is the perfect expression of that.

Clarity Of Perception is available now. Get yours directly right now, right here.

Grade: A


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